What is Digital Marketing and How Its Work?

Digital Marketing Advantages

What is Digital Marketing and How Its Work?

Digital Marketing is source of promoting services and products through digital channels also known as internet marketing. Any types of marketing that involves electronics devices is considered digital marketing. Digital marketing is promotion of brands through online advertising and connect with targeting audience using the form internet and other forms of digital communication. Here, some examples of these digital channel includes:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Platforms
  • Google Sites
  • Email
  • Many More

Using these types of digital platforms provides you lots of advantages, when it’s comes to connecting with targeting audience.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

Digital Marketing is important because its provides best source to reach their targeting audience and also peoples are spending more time on digital platforms or channel. Hence Its easily promote their brands, products, services. Here, some points from which you will better understand why digital marketing is important:

  • You can target specific audience that you need to sell their products or services.
  • You can analysis interaction with customers and create your specific data.
  • It can be improvements in conversion rate.
  • Its can also helps in building relationship with customers.
  • Its can also helps in brand awareness through social platforms to create and publish their posts, short video, many more.
  • Digital Marketing is better than traditional marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are many types of modules in digital marketing and these are ways of interacting and using digital media. Now talk about most important module of digital marketing:

  • SEO- Search Engine Optimization


  •   On Page SEO

On page SEO is the process of optimize the web pages and rank higher in search engines to get more traffic. Here, there are some points that keeps in mind.

  • Add meta tittle and description 
  • Keyword properly inserted in content of our website 
  • Best practices is to add genuine and long form of content especially in home page.
  • Convert every image to WebP format. It is less in size than PNG and JPG.
  • Add alt text in every image that you uploading in website.
  • You can use many types of plugin like all in one seo, yoast seo, and many more.


  • Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is the process of generating valuable links from different website and its major part of SEO. These also known as link building. Here, there are some points that keeps in mind.

  • It refers to providing backlinks in different website.
  • Two types of links Do- follow and No- follow.
  • Do-follow link is authority gets passed from our domain.
  • No-follow link doesn’t pass authority from our domain.
  • Use high domain authority sites for backlink.
  • Domain authority depends upon overall performance like backlinking, traffic, how old website, and many more.
  • Different types of categories to put backlinks are as follow:
  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. PPT/PDF/DOC Submission
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Classified Submission
  5. Local directories
  6. And many more

These links are paid or free both.

  • Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of website and server optimization that help in search engine spider crawler and index your site and helps to improve organic ranking.

  • Adding google analytics to site. 
  • Adding google search console to site. 
  • Adding site map in google search console.
  • Adding schema markup on special google searches such as reviews, feedback, rating, products to show in google searches and many more.
  • Improve website load speed.
  • Mobile friendly website.
  • Find and fixing broken links.
  • SEO audit report
  • Keyword research tool
  • Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of to reach out specific audience through the use of content that interest them. Providing your audience best valuable content. Content generally published on website, social platforms, search engine optimization. Content writing is form of written materials like blogs, newsletters, e-books, image, video, and many more.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing means creating, distributing and monitoring, organic and paid posts, content, and many more in social accounts. As you can see this peoples are spending more time on social platforms. Brands are creating more content on social platforms like facebook,  instagram, twitter, linkedIn, and many more.

Social media is great way to generate business. Developing social media strategy helps in growth of social accounts are as follow:

  • Use these types of platforms your audience uses most.
  • Create social media calendar and execute.
  • Create content that are most engaging your audience.
  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing basically strategy between business and social media influencer who promote the business. Influencer marketing much more than finding someone with an audience and offering them money or exposure to say good things about you.

  • Promoting social media posts, brands and products
  • Sponsored blogs and web content
  • Appearances in paid ads
  • Email and SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing is the process of sending promotional messages to existing and new customers. Peoples are getting more used of interacting business directly through thier phone to receive. Collecting data for email and SMS marketing is many sources paid or free. Many websites provides people data but its paid. 

  • Google and Facebook Ads 

Google and Facebook ads means creating online advertising through digital campaigns. Where you can create you campaign for products or services. Basically, Ads are different types like search ad, lead ad, awareness ad,  video ad, display ad, and many more ads. You can target audience according to your niche. Ads are better option to promote their brands and generating business.


As you can see digital marketing is more effective and can be more targeted audience. Now you must have understood why digital marketing is important for a business. If you want grow your business with us, then contact us, Our company name Bsoftindia Technologies and our vision as a leading solution provider in the field of software development & IT enabled services by perusing latest trends in technology and quality driven approach.

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