Zimbra Mail Server

Zimbra Email Server

Zimbra Email Hosting Services At Bsoft India Technologies Pvt.Ltd Facilitate Real-Time Collaboration Efforts Like Document Sharing, Editing, Quick Searching, Auto Messaging, Group Scheduling, Instant Messaging, Etc. Our Affordable Zimbra Hosting Packages Can Help You Save Resources And Money Because Of Its Attribute Of Compatibility With Any Operating System. Zimbra Is The Most Affordable And Securest Of Options When It Comes To Setting Up Of Server Colocation And Several Other Services. The Key Element With Zimbra That Makes It So Renowned Is That It Gets Configured In A Minute Or So. Start Setting Up Zimbra Server For Your Enterprise If You Have Not Setup One Already.

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Zimbra Mail Hosting Plans

Plan vCPUs RAM NVMe OS Email Accounts MRC
CL.Z10.S2 2 2 50gb CentOS 10 ₹ 1,410
CL.Z25.S4 2 4 125gb CentOS 25 ₹ 2,565
CL.Z50.S8 4 8 250gb CentOS 50 ₹ 5,130
CL.Z100.S16 4 16 500gb CentOS 100 ₹ 9,300
CL.Z200.S24 8 24 1000gb CentOS 200 ₹ 16,680
CL.Z300.S32 16 32 1500gb CentOS 300 ₹ 25,020
CL.Z400.S48 16 48 2000gb CentOS 400 ₹ 33,360
CL.Z500.S64 32 64 2500gb CentOS 500 ₹ 45,540

Zimbra Email Hosting Services

Deployed in seconds

Hassle-free import of data

IMPAP, Microsoft Exchange included

Zimbra email hosting services offers backend management. This is an essential feature that most other email hosting solutions lack. Backend management means higher uptime availability and lesser risks. Protection offered by Zimbra servers is touted as the best. Important files and folders are more secure with Zimbra email hosting than with any other hosting service.

Zimbra Email Hosting India – Simplifying Administration

The AJAX Console for administrators helps admins to execute crucial operations from remote locations. Easy-to-use migration wizard further simplifies execution. The migration wizard easily moves Zimbra between Microsoft Exchange servers and Domino, back and forth.

Integration of Zimbra Email Hosting with MS Suites

Zimbra email services very easily integrate with MS suites such as Exchange, Outlook and Active Directory. Multi-tenant environments are supported equally well with Zimbra servers. Zimbra also supports a number of environments since it is both flexible and robust.