C-Panel Hosting

What is CPanel Hosting?

A web-based control panel for servers, CPanel makes managing websites and server resources easier. CPanel Makes Resource Management Simple With Strong Features Like Database, Domain Management, Server Security, and More. ICS provides fully featured web and admin panel systems, including CPanel and Webhost Manager (WHM). You Don’t Have To Give Up On Features, Old Machines, Oversold Servers, Or Price To Performance Cuts When Using ICS CPanel Cloud Servers.

Cpanel hosting WHM Settings

CP Series Server’s Works On High-Performance Machines With WebHost Manager/CPanel Pre-Installed To Let You Get Started Quickly.

Excellent auto installer Softaculous has 1115 PHP classes, 451 scripts, and is constantly adding more. It has covered a wide range of areas so that everyone may locate the necessary script to run their website. We assist you in gaining rapid traction with cPanel cloud servers for your web applications, development, and multi-domain needs. No extra program installation or license is needed.


CL.CP1.S4 2 4 50gb CentOS SOLO / 1 Account ₹ 2,915
CL.CP5.S8 4 8 100gb CentOS Admin / 5 Accounts ₹ 5,230
CL.CP5.S16 4 16 200gb CentOS Admin / 5 Accounts ₹ 7,850
CL.CP30.S8 4 8 100gb CentOS Pro / 30 Accounts ₹ 6,055
CL.CP30.S16 4 16 200gb CentOS Pro / 30 Accounts ₹ 8,675
CL.CP100.S16 8 16 500gb CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 13,010
CL.CP100.S32 8 32 500gb CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 16,850
CL.CP100.S64 16 64 1000gb CentOS Premier / 100 Accounts ₹ 29,950


Pre-installed features

WebHost Manager and other features pre-installed to enable a quick start

Affordable Pricing

Plans with excellent value for money

Full Feature

Fully featured web and admin panel system

High Performance

cPanel® offerings use high-performance latest generation hardware

Self-service portal

Managing your Virtual Compute Node is simple and easy through MyAccount


Full-root access to the server