Advanced Security

Advanced Security

Use our advanced security software specifically designed for remote access security

The Cybersecurity Program That Protects Your Remote Desktop Connections And Your Remote Access Environment.

  • Feature-rich
  • Perpetual licences
  • User-friendly

Download The Trial Version Of The Ultimate Protection (15 Days, 8 Features).

Secure Data

Software Designed For Remote Access Security

Advanced security software to keep your servers secure!

Our Unique Cybersecurity Software Provides The Fundamental Protections Every Remote Server Admin Needs, And More. Activate Up To Seven Measures And Set The Right Level Of Security For Your Network. As You Use Remote Desktop To Allow Your Employees To Work From Home, Reduce Your Attack Surface And Increase Your Peace Of Mind With Bsoft Advanced Security’s Powerful Features.

  • At home or at the office, Bsoft Advanced Security keeps your data safe
  • All-in-one cybersecurity toolbox
  • 2 levels of protection
  • One-off license purchase
  • 100 % adapted to Bsoft software products

Download the trial version of the Ultimate Protection (15 days, 8 features).

Remote Access

Software Designed For Remote Access Security

Advanced Security – Essentials Edition

Advanced Security - Ultimate Protection Edition

Setting up a remote desktop infrastructure for your business?


Discover Bsoft App Remote Access Enterprise Plus, the all-in-one solution for your piece of mind. Get Bsoft App Remote Access combined with Bsoft App Advanced Security,Bsoft App Server Monitoring and Bsoft AppTwo-Factor Authentication.

Bsoft Remote Access Enterprise

Bsoft App Advanced Security Ultimate

Bsoft App Server Monitoring

Bsoft App Two-Factor Authentication


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Secure your server in 5 min!

Try our advanced security software today!

Soft Advanced Security Is Your Perfect Ally For Remote Access Security. This Best-In-Class Program Is The Next-Generation Antivirus That Will Keep Your Remote Connections Completely Safe.

Download The Trial Version Of The Ultimate Protection (15 Days, 8 Features) And Test It Now For Free.