Smart Dedicated

What is A Dedicated Server?

2-Minute Provisioning, Predictable Performance, Exclusive CPU, Perfect For CI/CD, Analytics And Machine Learning Processes

Cloud Hosting

Benefits Of Smart Dedicated Servers

Why Choose Smart Dedicated Servers ?

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Dedicated CPU cores

Indian Datacenters

Low Cost

Monthly/Annually Billing

No Contracts

No Hidden Fees

Superfast Deployment

Reboot your system remotely

Smart Dedicated Servers on Cloud

Dedicated CPU’s pinned for a customer and the result is a Smart Dedicated compute. Dedicated resources are available in the Smart Dedicated compute exclusively for the customer — which provides superior performance, reliability, dedicated network port, and easy regulatory compliance.

Data Base

Smart Dedicated Server Plans

Longer Tenure = Lesser Cost Choose The One That’s Right For You

Server Processor vCore RAM Ghz Storage Price 
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 4 8 11 Ghz 128 GB ₹ 15,000
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 8 16 23 Ghz 192 GB ₹ 20,000
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 12 24 34.8 Ghz 256 GB ₹ 26,500
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 16 32 46.4 Ghz 384 GB ₹ 38,400
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 20 40 58 Ghz 512 GB ₹ 51,200
Intel xeon 6226R Gold Processor 24 48 69.6 Ghz 768 GB ₹ 76,800